About Us

We cater to every women that lives life on the go, hosting events and networking. Are looking for something fashionable, edgy and also affordable?

Rose Society Boutique brings high quality and affordability into one shop. We strive to bring styles that are fashion forward, chic and sexy. We aim to give our customers an experience they'll never forget and styles that command any room they set foot in.

As the owner, fashion has been a huge part of my identity. I have always been particular about my style and the story I want my outfits to tell. Being plus size adds an extra layer to my style identity, because I love feeling and being sexy. I created this company to give women like me and all shapes and sizes a place to be sexy and not feel ashamed. Every women should feel confident that they can find something shop online and find clothes that not only affordable but also are great quality.

" Never let fear of what others are too afraid to do stop you from living life to its fullest potential ".  - Lattifah Brooks